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For almost 20 years  I research, practice and teach various forms of energy therapy, including Esoteric Healing, which I combine with my studies in Esoteric Psychology.   

I am an official trainer and a member of the International  Network for Esoteric Healing  (INEH), as well as a founding member of INEH Hellas.

Combining  the ancient and modern Greek philosophy with the Wisdom of the East,  I have created  seminars and courses such as "Education in Esoteric Healing", "The Psychology of the Soul", "Mind and the Magic of Creation ”, “ An Inner Interpretation of the Teachings of Christ ”, “ The Journey of the Soul ”etc.

I give conferences such as "Woman - The hope of the new world" with the aim of embodiment of good human relations, but also the expansion of the consciousness of the human family.


Through a new approach to meditation and the proper use of the mind I offer  in group formations the possibility of contact with the Higher Self and new worlds of existence.


Deepening my knowledge in Unified and Quantum Physics, I bring  in  connection  science  and spirituality in a simple and understandable way.

Through individual sessions  I'm driving  people to experience a deeper sense of their existence  and in this way to experience life with  new meaning and purpose.

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