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There is not only one right point of view

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 23 Φεβ 2022


The word view itself includes the word aspect, that is, the angle from which we see an event, a situation or what we call Truth. No matter how clear our gaze is, no matter how much we have studied and researched, we will always have found a part of the Truth and never the whole.

If we imagine ourselves on the surface of the earth, observing the world around it, we will see that, only a small part of it we can enclose within us. If we rise higher, then our gaze will open and we will be able to broaden our perspective. But no matter how high we rise, even to the moon, we will still be able to see a part of the world and never the whole.

The only way to have a complete picture of our planet will be, if we compose many angles from many observers (satellites). However, the same applies to the problems we face in our daily lives, but also to the global health, economic, moral and generally multidimensional crisis that we are currently going through as humanity. A synthesis of views and a willingness to unite, are called for in order to emerge effectively and definitively from the quagmire.

But how easy is this? How ready are we all? How often haven't we all thought that we know an issue or a situation better than someone else and thus exclude ourselves from hearing another point of view? How often do we consider someone as opposite to us because they have a different opinion?

It is this attitude of ours that is responsible for what is happening right now around the world. Every time we are ready to be divided into camps and to oppose in various ways the "OTHERS" who think, feel and act differently, each time we will succumb to the same mistake that the "OTHERS" make. Attention!!! I am not saying that we should accept without protest what we consider to be contrary to our moral, democratic and cultural principles. I believe that we can support what we consider to be right, without:

a) to consider others as opposites, enemies or inferior to us

b) to consider that only we are the right ones

The world is currently divided into two and this is our big problem and our weakness. Let us no longer allow ourselves to be separated in any way from any of their fellow human beings. Let us educate ourselves, be ready to abandon our point of view, if this benefits the whole and not the unit called Ego. Let us understand that we build our borders and consider others to be opposites and enemies. Let us stop demanding that others agree with us or be as we believe is the right thing to do. Let us show by example that we can achieve Unity by starting with ourselves and those around us, in our daily lives. Then no force will be able to divide us. No power can be imposed on us. No power can be abused. Why? Because we are all that! And the more we refuse to enter "camps" of thought, the stronger we will be.

Many "sirens" around us, invite us to separate, to oppose, to fight. It doesn't matter what form these "sirens" have today. We simply will not support them with our attention and energy.United we will be able to emerge from the unprecedented global crisis that we are currently experiencing. United not because we will all have the same view, but because we will understand that we have the need of others to have an overall picture of the Truth. In our hearts we are all One. Let's do it!!!

Everything mentioned above is just a point of view and expects to be synthesized with others.

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