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The energies of the Winter Solstice

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 23 Φεβ 2022

Every year, around December 21st, the winter solstice is celebrated in the world. We all know that on that date we have the longest night and the shortest day.

The word solstice literally means ''the stationary of the sun''. in greek. What had been observed since antiquity, is that the Sun rose for three days up to the exact same point of the horizon. That is, he looked like he was standing still for three days.

In ancient traditions and religions but also in many occult orders the winter solstice was considered one of the most important dates of the year. It was celebrated with ceremonies, sacrifices and sacrament. It was the day of the rebirth of the Sun, who was considered the Supreme and Absolute God (like Ra of the Egyptians). Many believed that the Sun stands symbolically for three days motionless on the horizon because this is how the trinity of Deity, one face every day, manifested itself.

Our ancient ancestors believed that from the Sun come all those smaller gods who visited our world from time to time. They were called Sons of God, and they appeared among men in the darkest of times, in order to restore Truth, Justice, and Order. It is no coincidence that all these Sons of God (with a few exceptions) appear in traditions and religions to be born at the winter solstice.

The Christian religion, knowing this truth and at the same time knowing the comparison with the pre-existing religions and traditions, set December 25 as the date of Christ's birth, although historical evidence rather points to early spring as the time of His birth.

In the symbolism of the winter solstice we see the rebirth of the Light in the heart of the darkest night of the year. In the darkness, it is the best time to reflect on the past and observe ourselves. There in the deepest darkness of our being will spring the Light of our inner Self. In the cave of our hearts Christ will be born.

Christ is the symbol of unity and love of Humanity. Every year, in the period of the winter solstice, the energies that are uniquely available, invite us to participate in the emergence of this new consciousness. The emergence of the truth of the One Humanity, which lives by the function of the One Heart.

This one Heart works for all people, like the sun that sends its beneficial rays everywhere and without judgement. The recognition of this truth and its application in human relations is the promised process of the Reappearance of Christ or the Coming as stated by many religions. The reappearance of Christ will be done by us and within us.

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