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Creating our own path

"Knowledge is the experience, everything else is just information," said Albert Einstein. Therefore, my goal is nor to teach, neither  to heal someone, but to help him do it himself, in his own way. A self-taught person is strong, independent and walks the spiritual path with confidence, inspiring others to follow their own path.


Hello! My name is Vasilis Charamaras and I have been practicing energy healing for almost two decades, while  I am accredited  Tutor of Esoteric Healing from the international network INEH.  I also give seminars and lectures in Greece and abroad, related to esoteric teachings and more. But above all I am a Truth Seeker. I research, study and train in various fields such as  physics, biology, history, archeology, ancient greek philosophy and linguistics. Whatever I do, my goal is to offer my fellow human beings a broader perspective  of themselves and the world and thus fulfill the Delphic order  "Man, know thyself and you will know the world."



Read  what do the people who participated in my training say

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Vasilis has a calm and peaceful way  to transmit to you  the  accumulated  knowledge of  his and help you  to develop your healing abilities but also  your consciousness, with an  experiential way.

Elena Stamou


You want more information about the trainings, services, treatments and events? Contact me for more details.

Demosthenous 6, 14342, Athens


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